Research Topics - Applied Electromagnetics

Applied Electromagnetics

Our laboratory is working in the field of applied electromagnetic technology with novelty research equipment. Please refer to the contents of our recent research in detail below.

Major themes for research:

  • One-axis controlled repulsive type magnetic bearings (pdf)
    • Vertical type high speed rotating machine
    • Horizontal shaft type micro-mass measuring instrument
    • Horizontal shaft type transport roller
  • AC Ampere force type magnetic levitation for a non-magnetic thin plate (pdf)
    • Linear type
    • Rotating type
    • Pulse drive
  • 3-dimensional motion maglev system (pdf) ...etc.

Key Words:

  • Magnetic levitation, magnetic bearing (electromagnetic force, electromagnet, permanent magnet, hybrid, repulsive type, induction type)
  • Actuator (linear, multi-DOF)
  • Sensor
  • Mechatronics, motion control
  • Applicable measurement and control
  • FE analysis ...etc.

Our major themes may not always be consistent with actuators and sensors. However, we think that this is an essential point.
We aim at realization of innovative systems not only by fully understanding existing principles and methods but by discussing out-of-the-box thinking.